Holistic massage

We can devise a tailored plan together but enjoy the freedom to change it as we go along.

What it isn't

Holistic massage isn’t a routine of pre-set strokes that leaves you feeling like your specific needs haven’t been met.

And it isn’t mystical – no crystals required.

What it is

Holistic massage is a fully-customised treatment that serves the unique needs of your body and mind at the time of your treatment.

And it is your massage, so you’re in control.

Our physical and emotional needs vary from day to day…

On one day, you could be in need of some physical relief after several grueling hours at the office desk.

Holistic Solution: A deep upper-back, shoulder and neck massage to relieve muscle tension and increase mobility.

On another day, escape from a busy mind could be your overriding aim.

Holistic Solution: A soothing head & face massage followed by a relieving leg and foot treatment that will re-centre you and leave you feeling grounded.

On occasion, you could just need some time out from modern life, some ‘you time’.

Holistic Solution: A luxurious whole body experience where you can just relax, drift off and leave your cares behind.