I offer 30, 60 or 90 minute treatments. Whichever length of massage you choose, we can design a treatment that’s just right for you.

Holistic Massage

A bespoke massage with any combination of the following: back, shoulders, arms, neck, legs, head, face, hands, front of body, feet, whole body.

30/60/90 mins: £25/£45/£65

Aromatherapy Massage

All the benefits of an holistic massage but with an essential oil blend of your choice.

60 mins: £50

Hot Stone Massage

A luxurious massage where hot, smooth stones are used to relax and ease tense muscles.

60 mins: £50

Pregnancy Massage

Great for easing headaches, fluid-retention/swelling and muscular tension. A relaxed mother makes for a relaxed baby!

60 mins: £45

Indian Massage

Massage of the head, neck, face and shoulders to release tension. Great for stress, fatigue, eye strain and headaches.

30 mins: £25