What to expect

When you arrive

Welcome! We’ll begin with an informal consultation during which we’ll devise a treatment that’s just right for you…

Getting comfortable

Next, I’ll leave you alone for a few minutes. You can remove as many/few clothes as you’re comfortable with and then relax under the drape on my luxurious Oakworks table..

The massage

Then you can choose an oil that best suits your needs and just relax. During your massage, I’ll check in with you from time to time to ensure the pressure is just right for you. We can always change our plan as we go …

After care

After, you will feel relaxed and re-centred. Don’t rush; have a cool glass of water (to begin flushing those toxins out) and a chat about how to hold on to this relaxed state for as long as possible, perhaps with some simple changes to your daily routine or self-massage techniques or stretches.

Frequenty Asked Questions

You can remove as many/few clothes as you are comfortable with. I work with my clients draped, uncovering body zones as and when they are being treated. I will aim to ensure you will never feel exposed, or cold!

Massage can have such a profound effect on the body and mind, that one-a-day would be ideal! However, with some complementary relaxation/self-massage techniques between sessions, one-a-fortnight or one-a-month could be just right for you.

I offer individually-tailored treatments, not pre-set ones. During our consultation, you can outline what you would like to get from the massage, specifying body zones, pressures and desired physical/emotional outcomes. A 60 minute massage is usually just right. However, a longer 90 minute session will enable me to cover more body zones/reach greater depths and perhaps enable you to leave with a greater sense of relaxation.

Yes. If you would like, take a few minutes to freshen up and feel comfortable for your massage.


There is plenty of free street parking available nearby.